Title:  “Kashigata Torii”

Year:  2011

Medium:  Ceramic

Description:  Wall Sculpture

Style:  Representational

Subject:   Inspired by Japanese philosophy and aesthetics: Striving towards the ideals of harmony and simplicity. The Torii represents a gateway into a sacred place. The location chosen by the collector is at the entrance to her home.  All of the kashigata subjects are symbolic. Such as, Tai (Sea Bream) – Good luck, good fortune, Bamboo - Resilience, Pine Tree – Longevity, Open Fan – Happiness from one end of life to the other, etc.

Each Tile:  7 x 11 x 4 in. (+/-)

Technique:  High fired stoneware, slabs were hand pressed into antique Japanese carved wood block ceremonial kashigata (confectionery molds), attached to a slab, stained with red iron oxide and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere. Spacers are used between the wall and slabs to give the illusion of floating off the wall. Assembled to represent a Torii.

Predominant Colors:  Reddish brown

Price:  SOLD (new, commissioned work available) $350 each tile, $300 each for fifteen or more. Delivery and 

installation by the artist is recommended.

Note:  Image #1 shows the full scale sculpture. Image #2 shows how the sculpture was scaled to fit the location chosen by the collector. The arrangement leading down the staircase allowed the collector to get two different wall sculptures from one piece.