Title:  “The Relationship Between Form and Edge”  

Year: 2002 

Type: Sculpture 

Medium: Ceramic

Technique: High fired stoneware; slab, hand coiled, and wheel- thrown; stained with copper carbonate, applied apple tree ash from an orchard in Boston, and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere 

Style / Subject: Abstract  Nonobjective / The image of this sculpture appeared in my mind’s eye while sleeping. This inspiration became a series with a body of work that included pieces titled, “The Echo of Line and Space”, “Out of Africa”, “The Shadow of Her Smile” and “Indigo Prints.” 

Predominant Colors: Greens, Light Browns 

Overall Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 5 in. 

Exhibition: 2002 Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 24th Annual “Commitment of Excellence” 

Third Place Award in Three Dimensional

Honolulu Museum of Art

Price: Sold