Title:  “A Tribute to Hart, Tagami and Powell”  

Year:  2003

Mixed Media:  Ceramic and Hemp Rope

Description:  Hanging Wall Sculpture

Style:  Representational

Subject:  Inspired by Japanese philosophy and aesthetics: Striving towards the ideals of harmony and simplicity.  All of the kashigata subjects are symbolic. Such as, Camellia – Ideal love, modesty, simple beauty, admiration, perfection, gratitude, nobility of reasoning; Open Book – In search of knowledge; Koi – Perseverance, strength, courage and the ability to attain high goals; Kanji Tablet – The symbol for the number forty-three appears in the middle of the tablet between the columns indicating that it is an excerpt from a longer piece of literature; Tai (Sea Bream) – Good luck, good fortune.

Overall Dimensions:  63 x 18 x 3 in. (+/-)

Technique:  High fired stoneware, slabs were hand pressed into antique Japanese carved wood block ceremonial kashigata (confectionery molds), a rare wood block used for printing kanji was used to make the impressions in the tablet, the slab sculpture of an open book was hand shaped after the rice impressions were made from a flat wood block, the bamboo hanger is extruded with additional hand built parts; stained with red iron oxide and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere, assembled with hemp rope. 

Predominant Colors:  Earth Tones

Exhibition:  2003 Hawaii Craftsmen’s 36th Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition, Honolulu Museum of Art School

Price:  SOLD (new, commissioned work available) $2,500 for the wall sculpture pictured above. Delivery and installation by the artist is recommended.